A digital assistant that provides Professional Communication / Support and drives Client Acquisition.

“Deep within the essence of every enterprise lies sales. The challenges arise from the capacity to effectively and efficiently engage and secure new clients.”

-Brenton Perry

Our Ethos

BluErgosAI is an AI-powered digital assistant that is revolutionizing technical support and client acquisition. It addresses the problem of inefficient technical support and lost leads by streamlining the Q&A process and providing quick and efficient solutions to customer inquiries. The cutting-edge technology of BluErgosAI allows it to learn from every interaction and improve its accuracy and efficiency over time. It has advanced natural language processing capabilities and can seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Professionals in various industries, such as attorneys and car dealers, can benefit from BluErgosAI by capturing client information and streamlining their sales process. The platform also offers seamless integration with existing systems, making it easy to incorporate into marketing strategies and automate lead generation tasks.


The challenge faced by all businesses is to find effective and affordable methods of communicating with potential clients and converting them into paying customers.


Utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced language models to proficiently engage potential clients through professional communication, seamlessly guiding them into and through the sales funnel.


BluErgosAI’s MVP is currently live and being utilized by multiple Auto Dealers and Several Law Firms .


Our team is as varied as the industries we help. With multiple startups under our funders belts both independent of each other and as a team.

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